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Privacy Policy

To all dear users,
all the games you see on this website

will never collect your data or information

or send any activities of yours to me.


I may keep your data (such as e-mail address)
only when you send any questions or issues
to me through e-mail, and your data will never
be sent to the third party by me,
and I will never use your data or information
for any other purposes but to help you
solve the questions / issues that you
send to me.


After all the questions or issues
have been solved, all the data / information
(such as e-mail address) of yours
will be deleted immediately.


The questions or issues

or inquiries from you may have
to wait to be replied or solved for awhile
during the busy time, but I will try my best
to response to you as soon as possible.


And any private data or information
that the services such as Google Play
may collect from you to meet their policy will
never be sent to me either.